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A physiotherapist is a professional individual that uses their anatomical knowledge/skills to diagnose and treat a wide range of muscular related problems using advice, manual therapies and exercise prescription.

Physiotherapy seeks to identify and solve patient centred problems thereby maximizing quality of life and movement potential.  This is achieved using prevention, treatment/intervention, and rehabilitation methods, utilising an initial assessment which leads to an agreed plan/goal between the physiotherapist and patient.

Physiotherapy requires effective interaction between physiotherapist and their patients/clients and often their families or care givers.

At Natural Poise we pride ourselves on listening to our patients and understanding what they would like to achieve to maximise and maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle.


Massage is a therapy that involves the stretching, rolling and moving of muscles to promote relaxation and this thereby stimulates the body’s natural pain relief mechanisms. 

It can be a slow, rhythmic and often hypnotic movement or a deep, powerful, sustained pressure that enables the ultimate pain relief to tired and aching muscles.  

Massage has a powerful effect on muscles that promotes natural balance of the body tissues and ensures ultimate relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage combines conventional relaxation massage and targets deeper muscles within the body. The therapist will use their body weight to stretch and disable areas of increased muscle tone that are causing pain and discomfort.  This massage is ideal for persons that have pain due to repetitive movements, poor posture or are actively sporty.


Seated Acupressure Massage

This massage is carried out in a specialised chair to maximise relaxation and comfort. This massage is specifically carried out on the back, shoulders and neck areas with pressure applied to key acupressure points.  Seated acupressure massage is ideal for festivals; pamper events or the work place for a relaxing break during the day!


Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a relaxing and exhilarating massage that seeks to soothe and refresh tired shoulders, neck, and head as well as face muscles.  This massage can help to de-stress, remove tension and can aid with headache relief.


Swedish/Holistic Massage

A gentle relaxing oil based massage applied to the whole body (if required).  This massage incorporates effleurage (lymph draining), gentle hacking (muscle belly) and muscle rolling strokes.  This massage aims to promote relaxation and rejuvenation of muscles.